Curious how silent headphones work?

Rather than using a speaker system, audio is broadcasted via transmitters with the signal being picked up by a wireless headset. You can have audio playing on up to 3 channels at the same time. Participants are able to choose which channel they want to listen to. Each different channel transmits a different color LED light emitting from the headset, meaning participants with the same color are listening to the same channel. Unlike other companies that only have 3 set/unchangeable colors (red, blue, and green), we have the technology to be able to program the LED light on the headsets to display the variety of colors that you desire. Participants are able to simply change the channel via the switch on the headset if they want to match a different participant’s vibe by listening to the same channel. Each headset also has controllable volume and a power switch. If you want to host an event but only want one audio source, silent headphones are still a great solution. The coolest part about only having one audio source is that we are able to set the color on the headphones to produce a smooth fade going through all colors like the popular RGB lightbulbs do. Whether you’re planning a wedding, hosting a conference, or just looking to throw a party to remember, we can help! Inquire within for a demonstration.